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My name is Ieva Sibilla

and I've always been a curious soul. Willing to find new ways to challenge the "status quo".

Hence why I have always followed the path of adventure, and constantly pushed myself out of my comfort zone by changing occupations and packing a single suitcase to move to a new country. Alone. I've pulled that off 6 times thus far (and probably counting).
Naturally, I eventually found my passion in entrepreneurship.
But before that, I led a successful career in corporate IT, Big Data, due diligence and finance, which even further drove my curiosity to innovate on my own and so I did.

After my first (travel) startup journey resulted in an acquisition, I decided to venture into the World of NGOs and as a member of World Economic Forum "Global Shapers", co-created a career mentorship program for teens, which is a project that truly warmed my heart and soul!

Ever since I was a little girl (thanks to the influence of my mother, PhD in Architectural investigation), I dreamed of finding ways to give historical buildings a new life. In other words, I have been thinking about circularity in construction for a long, long time. And I finally found my way to have hands-on influence by founding

Today, I run my growing company with a fabulous team of changemakers spread across 3 countries, our common mission is to build a Global infrastructure for material and mass reuse and CO2 emission accounting. We have been fortunate to receive numerous International awards (The Global Hack, European Housing Awards, Oslo Innovation Week, Startup Extreme, among others) and recognition on leading media platforms including Forbes and Sifted.

Over the years, I have delivered many keynotes on sustainability, ESG, circularity and innovation, hosted panel discussions, judged competitions and mentored the young and the restless to help them materialize their dreams, too!
And I do not plan on stopping. ;)

My ultimate goal is to inspire as many changemakers as I can during my lifetime, because we only have one life to make the most of... and while at it, one planet Earth to keep in shape as good as we can.

Are you with me? 

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